Rules – 2021 Unassisted Challenge

The Unassisted Challenge is intended to replace the Single Operator Unassisted categories in CQ WPX SSB & CW, which were combined with the assisted category in 2021.


  • Operate the CQ WPX SSB and/or CW contests without the use of spotting assistance. All CQ WPX rules apply except that the use of QSO-finding assistance is not allowed
  • Submit your log to BOTH: 
  • Have fun!

 Full rules:

  • The Unassisted Challenge is open to all single operator entrants in the 2021 CQ WPX SSB/CW contests who do not use QSO-finding assistance during the contest periods
  • QSO-finding assistance is defined as the use of any technology or other source that provides call sign or multiplier identification of a signal to the operator. This includes, but is not limited to, use of a CW decoder, DX cluster, DX spotting websites  (e.g., DX Summit), local or remote call sign and frequency decoding technology (e.g., CW Skimmer or Reverse Beacon Network), or operating arrangements involving other individuals. 
  • Participants must submit a valid single-operator entry in the 2021 CQ WPX SSB or CW
  • The WPX log submission deadline also applies to the Unassisted Challenge, and no logs will be accepted after the deadline. 
  • The Unassisted Challenge applies to all Single Operator power categories (High Power, Low Power, and QRP), and the power limits defined by the sponsor similarly apply to the Unassisted Challenge.
  • You must submit your log to both CQ WPX and the Unassisted Challenge!   You can upload the log either to the website or email  it to
  • The log submitted to the Unassisted Challenge must be identical to the log submitted to CQ WPX
  • The final adjudicated scores by the CQ WPX contest sponsors will be used to determine the winners of the Unassisted Challenge
  • Results will be published by power level and continent. If there is sufficient activity, they may be further divided by CQ Zone, country, or call area
  • Check the website for a list of available plaques
  • An entrant may be disqualified if the organizers find the entrant to have violated any of these rules. The decisions of the organizers are final. Any findings of the Unassisted Challenge may be shared with the CQ WPX Contest organizers.  
  • Entrants are strongly encouraged to post their score to and select the Unassisted overlay in their score posting. 
  • Rules are subject to change and may be updated at any time
  • The Unassisted Challenge is not affiliated with CQ Magazine, CQ Communications, Inc., World Wide Radio Operators Foundation, Inc., or the CQ WPX contest.